Amari Creative is a Colorado-based studio building brands for passionate entrepreneurs everywhere.

Colorado-based studio building brands for passionate entrepreneurs everywhere.

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Meet the Team

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Ali hicks-Wright | Founder & Brand Strategist

Hi there! I’m Ali. I’m a mountain dweller, adventure seeker, dog lover, green chile enthusiast, and founder of Amari Creative.

Amari Creative is the fulfillment of childhood explorations and my trademarked ink-stained hands. Lovingly known as “Art Girl”, my childhood was filled with hours of doodling, hand lettering, photography and discovery of different art forms.

My entrepreneurial upbringing taught me the inner-workings of running a business, and my architect father, and artist mother introduced me to design and aesthetics from an early age. They encouraged me to color outside of the lines, and break a few rules once and awhile - just for good measure.

Now living in Colorado I find ample inspiration in the great outdoors and love experiencing it for myself. Working and playing with my trusty assistant, Nola (my goldendoodle pup), we’ve been known to occasionally take the afternoon off to enjoy the slopes or sunshine.

When founding Amari, I wanted to find a name that both reflected me personally, but also what I wanted to accomplish on behalf of my clientele. Amari Creative is a combination of my name, Ali Marie, and also a derivative of “Amaranthine” which means an “unfading or immortal beauty”.

Your brand is personal to you, and it deserves to stand out. Let’s dream it up, and design it together. You in?


Rachel Wertz | Copy & Content Creator

Hello! My name is Rachel. It is so nice to meet you! I am a Colorado gal, through and through. I’m a yogi, a health and wellness enthusiast and I love the mountains. When I’m not on my yoga mat, you can find me at a Red Rocks show, sipping a margarita (because, balance!) or hanging out with my family.

At the age of 24, I left my job at a top marketing agency, which was, of course, a valuable experience, but after a little over a year, I realized that climbing the corporate ladder was not going to be my path.

I took a leap of faith when I left the company, but things really fell into place when Ali asked me to be the Copy & Content Creator at Amari - a position that was literally made for me. My mission? To create business-changing content through the art of storytelling and creative writing.

I aspire to greatness. I set the bar high, and am fierce about pursuing my goals and dreams. And while I am laser-focused on my goals, I stay true to myself and lead with my heart, always.

Beautiful words, a clever marketing campaign, and a good pun are the things that fill up my creative cup every day (well, that, and coffee). My marketing background taught me how to communicate intentionally, and my social media experience taught me how to pair visuals with compelling copy to create brand growth.  

I love that I get to craft words into stories for a living, and I know you have a story waiting to be told. So, let’s connect, create a vision for your brand and get after it! You with me?