See, we knew we’d like you! You’re a rule breaker too. Or maybe it’s just human nature to want to peek where we’re not supposed to, right? Whatever camp you fall into is fine by us. Perhaps it’s a little reverse psychology, but we thought, if you’re a rule breaker, like we are, you’ll appreciate this story.

As much as we at Amari Creative want to get to know you, we thought you’d also like to get to know us as well, and why we understand what it’s like to step out into the great unknown to follow your dreams and build a brand.

We know it from first-hand experience.

Let our founder, Ali explain...

Being a young entrepreneur is anything but the ‘safe’ way to build your dreams. The safe way (at least in my mind) was to 'follow the rules', which meant I should get a job and a steady paycheck, and eventually climb the corporate ladder. With visions of pantsuits and pumps swirling in my mind, that was certainly the path I thought I would go down.

But then I realized what my dad had told me as a kid, was actually true. (The older we get, the more we realize how right our parents were all along, right?)

My dad has always told me to “be a rule breaker”...

Yep, that’s right, my dad encouraged me to break the rules. Even though I heard this a lot growing up, it wasn’t until I was an adult that I understood what he was teaching me. The message of this silly little phrase is actually quite meaningful for all of us entrepreneurs. You see, this is what he meant by encouraging me to break the rules…

1. Seek to see things from a different perspective
Often we can become so focused on following a certain path or following a certain set of rules, that we can stop being creative. Don’t let this happen. Strive to see things from other points of view because that is the stuff that sparks true innovation and creativity.

2. See beyond the ‘here and now’
Creative (and entrepreneurial) people can see beyond what is immediately in front of them. They are able to visualize what they want, take some chances, and put themselves out there to reach for what they want.

3. Trust your instincts and trust yourself
Seeing the bigger picture of your dreams, gives you permission to stretch yourself outside of your comfort zone. Do things the right way. Be ethical. Trust your intuition and trust yourself. In the end, taking some calculated risks is worth it!

Can you relate?

If you’re an entrepreneur or a wanna-be-preneur, what fuels your passions? How do you want to stand out among your peers?

Pay attention to those inklings, nagging hopes and dreams, and even those naysayers who tell you it can’t be done. That might be all the fuel you need to break the rules and step out into the great unknown too.

From one entrepreneur to another, let’s create the brand of your dreams!

Ali Hicks-Wright, Founder and CEO of Amari Creative.png