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Windy City Field Hockey

This month, we had the pleasure of doing a rebrand for Windy City Field Hockey, a club based in Chicago, Illinois. It was a little bit different than our typical project, which made it so much fun!

Windy City Field Hockey needed an assortment of logos for everything from their website to their jerseys to their social media. Which brings us to this: Logo versatility.

What is logo versatility and why do you need it?

Logo versatility means having modified versions of your logo that you can use in certain cases due to size constraints or to vary your look. Having a variety of logos is important because as your business grows, your logo will be in more places. Each of these places (aka “containers”) will have unique requirements (like dimensions and file sizes) for how they will accept your logo.

When designing logos, we create the following logo variations:

Horizontal | Oftentimes your large, primary logo that is on the top of your website.

Vertical (aka stacked) | For those times when you need to use a version of the logo that is better suited for a vertical or narrow position, like when the space is limited on a tablet or phone.

Icon (aka marks) | Perfect for your Instagram Profile Photo!

Full Color | You will use your full color logo in a lot of of web-based content, as well as anything that is printed in full color, like business cards, brochures, booklets, banners, etc.

Single Color | When you are printing your logo on to something like a shirt or a mug, you are often limited to one color. That’s where your single color logo comes in. It’s important that your logo looks good and stands out against black and white.

Having a variety of logos that utilize your brand fonts and colors will increase brand recognition and help build a stronger overall visual identity. And when it comes to growing your business, your visual ID is everything!


A selection of the logo variations we designed



Original logo

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