Color Us Intrigued: Part 2

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Remember last month when we launched Branding Color 101? We covered three popular colors in branding, blue, green, and red and gave you all the details (and some examples of where they’ve been brilliantly used). Click here to get caught up.

Once again, class is in session. Welcome to Brand Colors 102, the latest installment of our series. 

Purple: Creativity, Imagination, Wisdom
Ah, purple. The color of royalty and sophistication. Based on that alone, you’d think this would make a great choice for branding. It’s regularly used for beauty products and representing a creative or wise brand because of its powerful connotations to imagination. 

Orange & Yellow: Friendly, Cheerful, Optimistic, Confident
Yellow is the happiest color on the spectrum, and orange isn’t far behind. These two colors are kind of a double edged sword, because, if used heavily, they’re a little intense. But they’re two really good colors to draw someone in… say, impulse buyers or window shoppers. 

The Not Color Colors: Black, Gray, and White
Not color colors... Wait, what? Stay with us. We had to include black, gray, and white somewhere! These colors are usually used as accents, and rarely the focal point of a brand color palette. For good reason. Too much gray or black can be heavy or overwhelming. But, when used properly, they each convey strength and timelessness. White will always be crisp, clean, and pure. Who doesn’t love a clean slate, amiright?

One key ingredient in this branding color cocktail? Personal experiences. The colors you love, and the colors other people love, are always always always associated with memories. You know how you either love or hate a name based on who had it in middle school and how nice (or not) they were to you? Colors are kinda like that. There’s no way to make a color appeal to everyone, so make sure your colors align with your brand and what you want to portray. Then run with it.

And there you have it. Take this knowledge and use it wisely, because with great branding comes great responsibility. 


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