5 Keys to the Killer Blog You've Been Putting Off

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In theory all of us who are creating or maintaining an online presence know the importance of blogging to draw in website visits, build your email list, and offer up the latest and greatest to your followers. But, for most of us it is all easier said than done. Or, if you're anything like us, you're so busy up-keeping other people's blogs that yours takes a back burner and you end up in the dreaded cycle of procrastination – that dirtiest of dirty words. Just like that work out plan you promised yourself you'd start back in January, tomorrow keeps coming and going. So, for ourselves as much as for all of you, we've broken down this task into some easy steps to get us started and start practicing what we preach.

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This isn't Shakespeare this is internet and people will either embrace or dismiss a post or email in, literally, the blink of an eye. It's a harsh virtual reality out there and you need to be a ninja to have a fighting chance in this global market. Creating catchy blog titles full of intrigue, mystery, desire and the promise of something juicy takes some practice and a bit of effort, but the pay off will be worth it once those clicks start rolling in!

Here is some inspiration to get your creative vibes flowing! 


The best way to serve your audience is to listen to their needs. Find ways to create dialogue with them, whether through Facebook, emails, or by just paying attention to what they are posting about. Look at how you can weave their interests into your next blog. Position yourself as a reliable source of information in your field by speaking to the needs of your clients and potential-clients. Once you gain their attention and trust, they will become faithful followers and will be more likely to share you with their network.


Every bit of content that you create, from social posts to blogs, should contribute to the bigger picture and be out there like little soldiers working towards a goal. Goals can include developing the persona for your brand, converting followers to customers, collecting subscribers, and beyond. Create a list of goals and make sure every blog is in some way contributing to one or several of them. Don't be afraid to include a call to action, but be smart about it. Your readers aren't there to be sold to, they are there to gain something for free. Show them the value of what you have to offer and make it tasty so they keep wanting more. Then give them an offer. Whether you give them the chance to sign up for your newsletter to get more freebies or offer a free consultation, the candy you decide to lure them in with is up to you.


Maintaining a unique brand consistency will visually link together everything you put out into the world, and also help you stay organized. What look, feel, tone and language do you want to represent you? Figure it out and then find great photos, colors, fonts etc. that will draw the right people into your blog and site. For instance, if you're brand is clean and minimalistic don't post pictures that are over saturated and busy and visa versa. Think of it as one big curated collection.


or in this case, wonderful, shameless self-promotion, and that's A-ok! The mark of a truly great blog is its ability to not “expire.” Create blogs with staying power, chalk full of wonderful insights that will stay relevant into the future so that you can keep on putting them into  the world for years to come.

Well, we hope this was as fun for you to read as it was for us to make! Hopefully this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship in which you share us with all your friends and keep coming back for more. Ciao!


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