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When people ask you, “how’s business” you tell them it’s never been better, and you mean it. But, deep down you know that success is more than just keeping the lights on, which is why we always ask:

Are you living the dream, or just keeping it alive?

  • Can you take a vacation without “checking into work”?

  • Did you curl up on the couch with some popcorn to binge on the latest Netflix series?

  • Are you able to stay in bed for an extra 10 minutes without panicking?

  • Did you make it to the gym this week?

  • Do you only dream of having a lazy Sunday morning in bed with your partner (or your dog)?

If not, success might be still lurking around the corner.

This free workbook will help you take the first step towards bringing all your great ideas to life! It will encourage you to feel more rooted in your business and motivate you to dig deep into the intention behind your brand’s visuals, voice and vision so you can reach that sweet ideal customer of yours!

Plus, there are bonus tricks and tips to help your brand flourish!